My thoughts on AAP

A friend shared this article today The security of Aam Aadmi.

Before reading this particular article, I had three views on AAP

  1. They are a genuine group of people, who can bring a much needed change in the politics of India by cleaning up corruption and focusing the decision making around aam aadmi of the nation.
  2. Another obvious one: that they are part of a long term plan of INC (Indian National Congress) because INC has no leader right now who beat NaMo head-on and because of so many high level corruption cases in the past tenure of UPA, they don’t stand a chance of wining the next General Assemble elections. So they create AAP, which has eaten mostly the votes of BJP. I analyzed it myself that in more than 75% of the seats which AAP won, BJP was at the second place. 
  3. That they are also just like everyone else, making use of opportunity.

I tend to believe the first point more.

This article shows a different angle to the same question. Following is my analysis of the above mentioned article.

in favour of AAP:

  1. The US connection of Anna and others! 
    This does not prove anything at all. Magsaysay award winners can’t be all pro-americans. I work for an American IT company. Does that make me a CIA agent, No.
  2. Similarity of Arab uprisings and Anna movement
    I visited the Ramlila Maidan once during this movement. I am 100% sure it looked as normal/genuine as it can be. How can you have a different type of gathering/organization of an event of such scale? I bet they all look same. I mean they both were kinda similar as they were against the government(?).
  3. The role of social media
    Social media was the single most important tool (in my view) to bring people together and share their views. This can not be attributed to something US sponsored! 
    In fact the US Govt itself has been facing massive criticism/protests because of revelation made by Wikileaks and others. And these protests have always been generated/created online. Because this is the most effective and convenient way to bring people together.
  4. Involvement of other people like Swami Agnivesh
    Well we all know how long he was a partner. Whatever his role or motive was, he clearly was not accepted as a part of their team. So AAP comes clean here as well.
  5. Batla house encounter:
    In that Youtube video, he never mentioned that it was fake, He only questioned the killing of those two guys and the police inspector!

Against AAP:

  1. Kashmir Issue:
    Kejriwal has just started his political career. He obviously does not have an agenda (and knowledge?) to run the nation. So he ducks the question on Kashmir and Maoists etc (in that youtube link). He got upset and left the show, questioning the motive of the anchor (for ruining his mood) 😛
    This is not a good sign. If you are fighting elections then you gotta have your agenda for all issues related to the nation! But if he was trained by CIA, he would have answered! 😉
  2. Maoism:
    I dont know much. Many people are maoist sympathizers. This is a very big and a very sensitive issue in itself.
  3. Muslim vote politics
    In this category, he is just like INC. I don’t think Muslims in India today are not treated well or  they don’t have equal rights. But from time to time he has shown his soft corner for Muslims. This looks more like vote bank politics just like INC/BJP. My opinion is that they should not be treated separately.


Security is of utmost importance for the nation. AAP’s knowledge and understanding in dealing with international issues is certainly not mature. They should come clean on their agenda on Kashmir and Maoism. But the public is always there to throw them away if they are not doing as promised. AAP seems to be the only hope of the nation and that is why AAP will always be tested very hard as this is the party which I believe public has voted from the heart, not head. So they will have to go beyond the general governance and policy making to prove their loyalty to people. And I hope they will learn and do well as they progress in their political career, otherwise no political party will be able to gain the confidence of people in the foreseeable future.

Comments are most welcome 🙂 


Against Internet Censorship In India

So India joins the club with strict internet censorship rules.
My friend Mayank had told me a few months back that there can’t be any whistler-blower website in India. I was surprised and shocked too! I believed in Government of India (GOI), more specifically in the Prime-Minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh. But sadly it is true that GOI has secretly amended Information Technology Act (ITA) without having any debate in the parliament and now they can block any website or blog or any other web based service without giving any prior notice/justification and they can monitor everything happening in the cyber space. What about our freedom? If the ISPs don’t comply they will have to face consequences.
Being the largest democracy in the world, Government should not have done this. People have a right to speech.
Wikileaks is an example that shows the need and importance of Free Internet. Most of their news is published online. They have nearly one million followers on twitter. And there are other thousands who keep tweeting about Wikileaks all the time supporting their cause. This case is no different. Government of USA tried to ban their services but they had support and they survived.
Recent Anti-Corruption movement by Anna Hazare became very popular worldwide, why? It’s clear, he had good intentions and the word spread through the internet. All the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were flooded with pages and tweets in support of Anna. And it worked great. So internet became an important tool to fight against corruption. This can happen again. I say this should happen again! And this time it should happen to free the internet, to gain the freedom of internet which is our freedom ultimately.
Because Internet is the ultimate weapon against governments they try to restrict access to it in the name of fighting terrorism etc.
Every citizen deserves the freedom to express its views online. And we should fight for it. Government can’t just block any blog or website just because they find it objectionable. If it is really in the interest of National Security then they have to give a reason in advance and the process should be 100 percent transparent.

my post on Wikileaks vs Openleaks

why (should) I hate Pakistan?

Well this issue is too big to be discussed here but I have got to tell the reason for writing this article. I almost got into fight today with a very good friend of mine. He thinks it’s only the narrow minded people who hate Pakistan and 80% of this is due to the religion!! Firstly it would be interesting to know if that fellow ever got any problem because of his religion. A big NO would be the answer, I am sure. Still he talks like that, I don’t like it!!!

So I have to tell my reasons…

  1. It is the fact that we fought FOUR wars with Pakistan. In 1947, just after we got freedom, over the Kashmir issue. In 1965, again in 1971 and again in 1999.
  2. Pakistan has always been involved in terrorist attacks on Indian soil. Mainly Kargil, attack on Indian Parliament, attack on Mumbai (twice) and many more…
  3. There are terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The FBI, RAW and many other agencies have shown maps proving the allegations.
  4. The bottom line is that Pakistan is anti-India, we are not anti-Pakistan! Being an Indian I hate all those countries who are involved in actions against India.

That’s why I hate Pakistan and I will always until a powerful democratic party comes into power and changes its attitude towards India. Otherwise those military generals will keep on ruling Pakistan and the problem won’t ever reach a solution. Terrorism is a big hurdle in the overall development of both Pakistan and India.

Clearly I don’t care if it’s a Muslim country, because there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. And very few people may have a problem with that, I am proud to say I am not one of them!!! I am just a proud Indian, religion does not matter for me!



We are living in a civilized world. Agree?? I guess not. Because, it’s a lie! The truth is just the opposite. “The only thing people care about is how much their son/daughter is earning, who is getting more/less than him/her, and the expression, naaa … my son is a lot better than his ‘or’ oh my god what’s wrong with my son? He is getting less salary than my neighbor!!” All this bullshit that I just wrote is the only truth.

I don’t understand why people are so nosy. Why don’t they mind just their own fucking business? Life would be so much easier and good if people just stop peeping into other’s lives and leave them alone and stop comparing the children of their neighbors’ at least.

Life as a student, till you get a good job is hell. Because the definition of a ‘good job’ is a relative concept and it depends upon how much more or less money you are making as compared to the other people of this society! I got placed yesterday and I can say I feel much more embarrassed now than ever before. Reason is obvious, my parents know that there is one person who got 4 times bigger offer than me and one friend of mine got more than double. They expect more from me and to tell the present status to the society is a matter of shame for them. Wow, I got placed… but the thing is that I’ve been trying for past 5 months to get an offer, finally I got one yesterday but I don’t think I felt happy for even a single minute! Because I knew I’d tell my parents and as soon as they would come to know the package they would suggest alternatives!!

3 years back, I could get into one of the marine colleges. They give a handsome salary of around 70 thousand per month in the beginning itself. I was so ready and happy to join at that time, but what your parents say, ‘we don’t care for money, just don’t join marine engineering, money is not everything’. They were right and they didn’t lie too. It was true, because money is not everything, it’s the only thing!

But I don’t understand one thing, where does this society come from? Because I see people around me and most of them don’t give a damn if you get a double or triple package. They are good people but after some time they will have family and they will be a part of this society too. Will they become mean too? Will I become so mean too? At this point of time, I don’t feel bad if my friend gets more money than me, on the contrary I feel great that a friend of mine is living or gonna live a good life and he is successful. But maybe when you have family and lots of responsibilities and you are part of this god-damn society than you have reasons to be an ass. I don’t know that, and I just hope that I don’t become an ass like all those people and remain just the way I am now!
Disclaimer: I didn’t mean to say any harsh things for my parents; I just shared my feeling towards the fact that how some mean people (of our civilized society) make other’s (e.g. my parents) lives difficult.

Education qualification for politicians

Hello world!

In all the programming languages, the first standard example is printing Hello World. So my blog too starts with Hello World!

I want to take this blog as a place for discussions about anything that should concern an Indian.

My first post is dedicated to some of my friends who started blogging recently. I’ll be posting about the issues of social relevance and Indian Politics mostly.
I’m a huge fan of Indian Army and I support Indian Army and Paramilitary always,and I strongly believe that every Indian should support Army because they are the people who sacrifice their life, to protect their family and ultimately protect us.